3 Ways to Balance your Creative & Business Side

 Define your customers:
It is not really about what appeals to you, its about working on your designs to appeal to your target market. Some of the questions you may ask yourself
a) What type of Garment will I design?
b) Who will wear it?
c) Where will they wear it?
d) Appropriate price for the garment.
 Don’t Plan to do Everything by Yourself
If you do everything by yourself you will get wearied quickly. If you can hire someone to do it well, do it!
Afterall, most leading design houses have in house pattern makers, sample makers, production manager,marketers, accountants among others. Dont be afraid to hire the best hands so you can concentrate on the business of design. You can talk to us about your sample or final production.
Never Loose Sight of You
Enjoy the ride. Do not loose site of the adventure irrespective of the challenges on the way. Always take a step back & appreciate all that you have created & pat yourself on the back. This fuels your creativity as you put on your business cap.
Wishing you the very best

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