How To Find Buyers For Your Fashion Brand

How to find buyers for your fashion brand
There is really no one-size-fits-all approach to selling to retail buyers but you can also find them by;

1)      Finding stores that could be a great fit for your product and approach them one by one with your Line sheet and samples (Not every buyer is opened to this though) An email or a call may come in very handy, so you come prepared. Research is the name of the game.


2)      Be open to alter, totally drop or completely adopt some styles. To an extent the buyer dictates part of the tune as being played by the target market.


3)      Check out Showrooms, Trade Shows or Trunk Shows, fashion buyers are usually on the look out for new brands there.


4)      Be opened to consignment: the shop keeps the line for like 30 days or as agreed by both of you to test the market, the unsold items will be returned to you.

We hope this post helps you secure a buyer for your current or next collection.

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