Lekki Fashion Academy 2021 Classes

Learn All You Need To Know On How to Sew in No Time

  • Have you always wanted to learn fashion design but lacked the time?
  • Are you looking to learn a valuable skill that can always be transformed into a business opportunity in your spare time?
  • Do you need to brush up your sewing and pattern making skills?
  • Have you always wanted to know all about Garment production.

The Lekki Fashion Academy courses in Sewing, Pattern Making and Garment production gives you the opportunity to learn how to sew (even if you have no prior knowledge of sewing) or perfect your sewing skills and also all you need to know on garment production.

These courses are perfect for you if you:

  • Don’t have any idea about sewing or pattern making;
  • Have a lot of creative fashion ideas but cannot translate them into wearable clothes;
  • Will love to own your own clothing line someday;
  • Have a busy schedule but desire to learn fashion design;
  • Want to upgrade your sewing and pattern making skills after a long break;
  • Want to learn fashion design but have limited time;
  • Learn a profitable skill in your spare time;
  • Are a career person who wants another source of income;
  • You are a student on a long school break, looking to learn a profitable skill; or
  • Have always wanted to know all you need to know on garment production.
  • You learnt freehand but want to achieve better accuracy and design outfits that fit perfectly and look straight off the runway.
  • You cannot understand, interpret or apply the patterns in your fashion books.
  • You started a clothing line but cannot manage your production team or structure your processes.


  • Pattern Making class.
  • Basic Sewing class.
  • Advanced sewing class.
  • Garment production 101.
  • Garment production 201.

Course Objectives & Outcomes

  • Sew like a professional & Start your Clothing Line
  • Transform your fashion design knowledge into a viable source of income
  • Start the Fashion Business of your dreams
  • Monetize the different skills you have learnt during the Course
  • Offer quality services to other fashion businesses
  • Empower yourself and others by becoming an employer of labour and making a difference.

For more information on the classes, kindly call or WhatsApp us via this number 0802 291 7001.

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