5 Tips for Aspiring Fashion Designers.

5 tips for aspiring fashion designers









Fashion school is not a necessary requirement for becoming a successful fashion designer. Check out the following tips if you are an aspiring fashion designer:

1.) Learn the fundamentals. Develop an intimate knowledge of the craft involved in producing their your designs, like sewing patterns, pattern making, etc. Like Marc Jacobs says “Run some fabric through a sewing machine. Change the stitch. Change the tension of the stitch, and see what it does”.

2.) Learn from the greats. Learning the history of fashion and clothing design is beneficial for professional fashion designers to create fresh ideas and real innovation.

3.) Design for different markets. If you can’t decide which fashion market suits you, try designing for different market sectors—like lingerie, sportswear, womenswear, or bridal wear etc. until you find one that resonates with you.

4.) Allow your “voice” to naturally manifest. Young fashion designers can become frustrated trying to find the trends and themes that will remain consistent throughout their design career. While it is essential to have a unique voice throughout your career, determining it too early can leave you boxed in and uninspired.

5.) Inspiration is everywhere. Fashion is more than just the clothing you wear, but the way it is worn and the visual story it tells. If you want to become a good fashion designer, keep your sketchbook on hand in your daily life. Note the types of clothing that people are wearing. What can that tell you about their wants and needs as consumers? Document the observations that inspire you—take a photo, scribble in your sketchbook, or write a note. These observations can potentially evolve into great new design ideas for clothing items.

Hope you found these tips helpful.

Wishing you all the best.

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