Designing A Commercially Strong Fashion Collection.

How to design a commercially strong fashion collection

Launching and running a product based fashion brand more often than not revolves around the creation of collections. The quality of these collections and the consistency of that quality and presentation, is often what sets successful brands from the rest. It is also what businesses are, rightly or wrongly, judged on.

A strong fashion collection must have the following:
1) Signature Style : What is unique about you, we all know Christian louboutin for the famous red soles.

2) Collection Types: So before you start, consider what “type” of designer you are and/or what “type” of business you want to have. It is quite common to start with a single product type business and over time add to it and expand it to a full multi-item collection business. It is less often seen and traditional to do it the other way around though.

3) Collection Size : When developing your collection, it is best to aim to have a minimum of 12 pieces/looks. If your budget allows, it would be great of you can have more than 12 pieces of course, as a larger collection will allow for better exposure and versatility throughout the collection.

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