The Clothes You Wear And How They Speak About You In 2022

Do you know your clothes have voices. You are what you wear, not just what you eat. In 2022, make a conscious effort to define your style by setting a tone for what you put on daily. What you put on determines how you feel, and what people feel about you. Many people see you before they hear you.

I have one Uncle who once told me “I would rather spend my last cash on dressing the part, than on food’. ‘Because how I dress determines where I can enter, and if I can dress well enough to enter where people of influence is, then I will be a step closer to achieving my dreams”.  How do you like this Man’s philosophy for a starter? Make sure you do not undermine the power of packaging this year- pursue it with passion, because it will open social doors, career opportunities and it will make you feel good.

You must have noticed that you walk taller and feel sure when you dress well. Sometimes you might be looking over your shoulder just to see if you would spot an old school mate , or neighbor. When you dress so good ,you might even feel cocky enough to think “Someone call the paparazzi on me”.

Do not leave your home until you feel confident enough that you won’t be the butt of fashion police jokes. Make sure you wear rightly fitted clothes that reveals your inner beauty, exude your super power and communicate grace. Do not wear clothes that screams “take me off him or her I don’t fit”.

Jump into lekkigarmentfactory’s array of amazing styles and unique trends in fashion this 2022, bookmark this website, join our tribe of quick notification subscribers and take your fashion seriously. The fashion industry won’t be worth trillions of dollars world wide if it has nothing important to say about how people perceive you. Have a wonder wardrobe 2022 and a prosperous and healthy journey ahead.

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